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Daniel Wilder


 Daniel Wilder is a painter, theorist concerning the discipline of painting, and author.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL (1951), Wilder grew up on the North Side of the Windy City. As a young teenager, one of his favorite past-times was to ride the EL downtown and visit the Art Institute of Chicago. There he began to learn there was more to the discipline of painting than meets the eye.

In June of 1972, a mutual friend introduced Wilder to  Ilene Levy, a modern jazz dancer, and two months later they were married. In April of 1973, they moved from their hometown of Chicago to Santa Cruz, Ca. Shortly after their arrival, Wilder enrolled in the Studio Arts and Art History Program at Cabrillo College.

In 1975, the Wilder's relocated to San Francisco, CA, and during their stay in the city of rolling fog, Wilder was a member of Patricia’s Production Company as a set and lighting designer. As such, he developed an interest in how and why natural and artificial light sources affect pigment colors.

The results of this curiosity would come into play over the course of his career as he developed new concepts, and a new painting technique. Moving to Fort Lauderdale, FL in 1980, Wilder continued to develop his technique and began working with experimental mixed media pieces.

In 1989, the Wilder's moved back to Chi-Town, and in the early 1990’s he was a pioneer and advocate for Multi-Sensory Art/Media. In addition to this Wilder began to create experimental pieces using the leftover dried paint recovered from recently used glass palettes. He dubbed these works Recycled Acrylics. In 1996, he began research for his treatise titled Art with an Attitude. A study concerning the evolution of  Painting and its relationship with Humanity.

Having moved to the Mid Atlantic in 2003, Wilder continued to paint and follow current events. In 2010, he began writing drafts for his Manifesto. In 2013, Wilder completed another series of paintings, and the following year published The Manifesto Concerning Das. In this declaration, Wilder provides the Articles of Intent and gives a detailed description for each of the sixteen dimensions concerning Das, an acronym for Dimension and space.

In 2014, Wilder finished another series of paintings and in mid - 2015 published Art with an Attitude. Revised Edition 2018.

Art with an Attitude

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The Manifesto Concerning Das

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